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For The Best in Me

…continues his tradition of handling some pretty important subjects with style, expert musicality, and taste…this album is a treat. The album opens with the rocking, Springsteen-like “A Lot of Good in There”…His songs of honesty, kindness and responsibility are refreshing. Dave Kinnoin is a prolific and astute songwriter, fine singer and musician, and a welcomed voice in children’s music.

– Parents’ Choice

Dave Kinnoin is one of family music’s premier songsmiths. His songs resonate with truth, value and a quality of character that he practices in his own life. Heroes come in a variety of shapes and sizes – ordinary people doing spectacular things because it seemed the right thing to do at the time. These are wonderful messages for that tough group of late elementary and early teens who can’t wait to grow up as quickly as possible and often don’t take the time to savor the moments – I must say that this reviewer is sounding more preachy than any of the songs come across. The production and musicianship is spectacular and Kinnoin’s vocals ride atop this 17-song musical crest like a cool breeze on a summer’s day! ‘What you do when nobody’s looking says a lot about you’. Thanks Dave Kinnoin for touching The Best in Me too.

– John Wood, Kidzmusic.com

For The Best in Me

Featuring clear vocals and excellent performances…Providing painless lessons about good choices, this album will be welcomed in schools, libraries, and homes.

– School Library Journal

For The Best in Me

Valuable lessons in each song’s title come to life through catchy lyrics and rhythmic melodies that encourage young people to groove to the music. The Best in Me is an excellent choice…

– Midwest Book Review

For The Best in Me

First of all, “The Best in Me” rocks! Second, if you enjoy great music, musicians, songwriting and performances wrapped in lovely messages of positive character choices and love, then you’ve come to the right place. Parents will enjoy and appreciate the content, as will the kids, which will hopefully lead to family discourse on the topics. Good Stuff! I think this album is a banner for motivational action. I can see this CD incorporated into lesson plans for older children where there is a dire need for materials on character. This is a socially interactive, educational album that hits its target audience. The music is top rate. The album is true, first of all to itself, and second to its intended audience. This is a respectful address to the age group for which it is intended. The quality is excellent; the production value draws the listener into a safe place to receive the message.


For Character Counts Strikes a Chord

Dave Kinnoin’s songs inspire kids to consider the consequences of their decisions and to work hard at making this a better world. This CD is a home run!

— Michael Josephson, Josephson Institute of Ethics

Children will instantly relate to the meaningful songs presented on this CD. Simple, rhythm-based music comprised of guitar, piano and percussion lies at the heart of the album, underlying the warm, enjoyable singing of Kinnoin. The bread and butter of the album is the artist’s keen manner of providing lyrics that don’t talk down to kids. Instead, he comes across like a trusty friend or mentor, who communicates well the value of taking the high road. CHARACTER COUNTS!® is a release that “strikes a chord” in my heart. This is truly a CD we should ALL make count in our libraries!

— Liz Doan, NewSound Kids

For The Earth’s Birthday Sing-Along

The songs are lively, instructive, easy to learn, and have a great focus on the environment.

— Judy Chadick, Science Coordinator for Espanola School District, New Mexico

For Getting Bigger

…a superior example of original songwriting and production for young audiences. I love the lyric on the title tune, ‘Life is a candy cane, and I’m lovin’ each lick!’ Dave has an easy, accessible voice, and the arrangements / production add a ton of fun!

— L.A. Parent

For Dunce Cap Kelly

…wise, witty recording…a typically delightful Kinnoin pop-rock excursion, with lyrics that actually make great reading by themselves.

— Play Magazine

For Daring Dewey

…guaranteed to gain a place among our most popular children’s selections.

— The Professional Parent

For Fun-A-Rooey

Crisp arrangements and strong production values. He connects instantly with his audience and sustains it by genuinely enjoying himself.

— Heartsong Review

For Billy Bunny’s Animal Songs, Muppet Sing-Along video

The eight original songs on the video, unlike any you’ve ever heard — and that includes Sesame Street…their lyrics are clever and bright…

— Daily News, New York

For Kid Phonics

…the cleverest show tunes this side of Broadway.

— Home PC