Best assembly ever!

— 6th grader, Ballard School, Solvang, CA

Dave Kinnoin’s ‘CHARACTER COUNTS!’ Assembly was a huge hit with our 4th and 5th grade students here at Old River School. It was motivating and engaging. The songs had wonderful and familiar messages that students could relate to, and sing along to.

— Teresa Medina, Old River Elementary School Principal

Dave is a talented singer, songwriter, and musician. We really appreciated the strong messages and connection to CHARACTER COUNTS.

— Allan Pelletier, Superintendent/Principal, Ballard School District

Dave Kinnoin’s interactive concert truly keeps students engaged and connected. His program provides meaningful lessons about The Six Pillars of Character and a wealth of topics for teachers to discuss with their classes after the performance. Plus it’s a lot of fun!

— Justin Lu, Assistant Director of CHARACTER COUNTS

“Did you have a good time?”. . . “YEAH!!!!”

That’s the response the principal got when she asked the students if they enjoyed Dave Kinnoin’s CHARACTER COUNTS! Strikes A Chord assembly. A resounding “YEAH!!!” Dave’s performance of the songs based on the Six Pillars of Character® from his award-winning CD CHARACTER COUNTS! Strikes A Chord makes for an assembly like no other.

Dave’s assembly provides:

  • Student Engagement and Participation
  • Great Music
  • Sing Alongs
  • Laughter and Fun
  • Character Content
  • Social Skills
  • Language Arts
  • A Jumping Off Point for Teacher-Student Discussion
  • Plus a Few Jokes

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please contact Regina Kelland


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The Best in Me Assembly Performances – NEW!

For Middle Schools

All the engagement, character content and fun with learning as the CHARACTER COUNTS! assemblies but designed specifically for middle schools. Based on the songs from Dave’s acclaimed CD.

The Best in Me assembly provides:

  • Engagement and Participation for Older Students
  • Character Examples for Students to Incorporate into Their Daily Lives
  • Strong Communication Centering on Personal Responsibility and Anti-Bullying
  • Starting Point for Teacher-Student Discussion
  • Social Skills Development
  • Great Music
  • Laughter and Fun

Dave Kinnoin’s Songwriting Workshops

Everyone has a song inside them, and a Dave Kinnoin Songwriting Workshop helps bring that song into the world.  Dave offers three different workshops for students:


Dave serves as the guide, not the commander, of the process.

Each workshop includes:

  • Making up a brand-new song based on the thoughts, feelings, rhythms, and melodies that happen in the room. Dave lets everything flow and respectfully nourishes it with the talent and craft born of his decades of songwriting experience.
  • Dave takes the students through the songwriting process:
    • the initial idea for the song
    • exploring the song idea
    • coming up with a title and hook
    • determining the musical style
    • going through all the elements of the song
    • and so much more
  • Dave and the kids rehearse the song they’ve written.
  • They record it on Dave’s digital recorder.
  • Dave emails the mp3 and lyric sheet to the teacher or principal.

In addition to having a song written and performed by the class:

  • Students learn to focus their ideas in a safe environment.
  • They meet a deadline.
  • They feel the pride of being the writers, not observers, of a brand-new song.
  • They can apply what they’ve learned to other aspects of their lives.

Regarding the character-driven workshops:

Dave is a graduate of the CHARACTER COUNTS! Character Development Seminar and CHARACTER COUNTS! 4.0 training.  He wrote the jingles for The Josephson Institute and the “CHARACTER COUNTS! Week” theme song as well as the award-winning CDs CHARACTER COUNTS! Strikes a Chord and The Best in Me, all commissioned or endorsed by JIE.

Concert Performances

…thank you for your super performances…By the crowd’s reaction, it’s obvious you were a big hit. Your warmth, humor, and genuine enthusiasm will long be remembered…thanks for an enchanting weekend.

– Missouri Department of Conservation

He connects instantly with his audience and sustains it by genuinely enjoying himself.

– L.A. Parent Magazine

Wild and wonderful…music with gusto and guts that will get a bunch of kids into action…

– Heartsong Review

Your songs were a big hit for kids and grown-ups alike…Everyone was so happy you were there…

– Larry Rockefeller, Children’s Earth Fund

The best way to describe a Dave Kinnoin concert is in the words of those who have seen one: “inspired silliness,” “wild & wonderful,” “laughter,” “wacky, clever and bright,” “an unmistakable sound,” “heart and soul,” “genuine enthusiasm,” “gusto and guts,” “moves kids to action.”

Dave begins with a bang and keeps on poppin’ with boundless energy, decades of experience and a sparkling love for kids. The kids are not just watching the concert, they are part of the concert as Dave constantly and enthusiastically encourages all to join in. And like a favorite cookie, every concert has a surprise in the middle: Dave and the kids make up a brand-new song! Sometimes poignant, often hilarious, these spontaneous creations make us believe that there is something new under the sun. Kids – and their parents – have a rousing good time and get fired up to express themselves. Not a bad way to spend an hour.

Concerts available with Dave solo, Dave with a bass player, or Dave with his band, The Rhythm Riders.

Here are some of the places you may have enjoyed seeing Dave perform:

  • Earth Day, Central Park, New York, NY
  • First Kids World Council, Nickelodeon Studios, Orlando, FL
  • Children’s Earth Fund Event, Washington, DC
  • Taste of Chicago, Chicago, IL
  • Universal City Walk, Universal Studios, Universal City, CA
  • Tin Pan South, Nashville, TN
  • The Chime Festival, Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA
  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
  • Kidstock, Children’s Museum, Chicago, IL
  • Make a Wish Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
  • Torrance Cultural Arts Center, Torrance, CA
  • Grand Reopening of the LA Central Library, Los Angeles, CA
  • McCabe’s, Santa Monica, CA
  • Pepsi Kid-Around, Dallas, TX
  • Sunset Junction Street Fair, Hollywood, CA
  • The O.K. Kids Club, The Oaks Shopping Center, Thousand Oaks, CA
  • South Pasadena Music Center and Conservatory, South Pasadena, CA

Dave and kids at Character Counts! assembly

For more information or to book
Dave at your school or performance center,
please contact Regina Kelland


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