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Dave Kinnoin Spotlights the Good in All of Us

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(South Pasadena, CA) “A Lot of Good in There” is not just the first song on Dave Kinnoin’s latest release The Best In Me but a perfect description of the entire CD. Dave’s most ambitiously produced recording to date highlights the simple notion of helping children make good character choices even when faced with difficult situations.

If good character sounds like a dull and preachy, although well-intentioned, subject for a kids CD, nothing could be further from the reality of experiencing The Best In Me. Dave has assembled a remarkable group of kickin’ musicians and first rate vocalists that combine with stellar songwriting to make good character something to sing about. Featuring buoyant pop tunes that reach out rather than lecture, the songs shine a spotlight on some universal truths.

“A Lot of Good in There” bursts out of the speakers sounding and feeling like a hit single. Kids will be singing “Trustworthy, responsible, generous and fair / A lot of good in there / Respectful, so kind – a citizen extraordinaire” at the top of their lungs. The CD continues with hopeful and optimistic themes: embracing differences is so much easier than shutting people out (“Enormously Inconvenient”); doing the right thing brings personal peace (“Happy For Myself”); valuing yourself (“I’ll Be Me”); a positive attitude can make the best of a bad situation (“Lemonade Stand”); circumstances can force us to summon up courage we didn’t know we had (“High Achiever”); knowledge is a key to overcoming fear (“Greater Than Our Fears”); adversity can strike anyone, and sometimes we can help (“It Could’ve Been Me”); giving and receiving love brings out our best (“My Dog Brings Out The Best In Me”).

“Every time someone shows kindness and generosity, the world gets a little better,” says Dave. “I believe my songs offer kids a nudge in that direction. I’m careful not to tell them what to do. I let my songs and my behavior entertain kids and guide them toward making choices that truly make a difference for the better.”

Character has been the focus of Dave’s last three CDs and is a subject close to his heart. The award-winning CHARACTER COUNTS! Strikes A Chord and Teaspoon At A Time round out the trio. Dave’s previous CDs have garnered him an impressive list of prestigious awards including Parents’ Choice Gold, NAPPA (National Association of Parenting Publications) Gold, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum, Songwriters Guild of America Rising Star Award and an INDIE Nomination.

As a songwriter, Dave has written for a long list of family entertainment and educational companies, consistently creating new and innovative material for each. He has written over 200 songs for companies such as Jim Henson TV, Video, and Interactive; Disney Audio, Video, and TV; Davidson & Associates; Neurosmith; Simon and Schuster Interactive; Sesame Street and Sony Wonder Home Video; and Sesame Workshop.

Dave’s CDs are available at retail nationwide and at

Title: The Best In Me
Artist: Dave Kinnoin
Suggested Retail Price: $14.98
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Dave Kinnoin’s Songs Celebrate the Six Pillars of Character


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(S. Pasadena, CA ) – The Six Pillars of Character are set to music by acclaimed singer-songwriter Dave Kinnoin on the new CD Character Counts! Strikes A Chord.

Character Counts! is a project of the non-profit, nonsectarian Josephson Institute of Ethics and is the most widely used character development framework in the nation, reaching millions of young people. Dave Kinnoin has released six children’s music recordings and is, as described by Family Man Online, “…one of the fathers of modern family music.” Together they are a match made in heaven: great character colliding with great music. What better way to get the message out to kids of all ages than to have them singing along with lyrics with a very real message and clear focus.

The CD opens with the inspiring theme song “Character Counts”, which sets the stage for what is to follow: six songs each emphasizing a pillar: “Trustworthiness” (trustworthiness), “A Little Respect” (respect), “Responsibility” (responsibility), “Fairness Awareness” (fairness), “Caring Avenue” (caring), “Citizenship” (citizenship). Woven throughout are six songs that further illustrate elements of character. The final seven tracks are instrumental versions of the theme song and the six pillar songs.

The instrumentation is simple and effective: guitar, drums, piano, bass, keyboard, harmonica, with some songs featuring only one instrument accompanying Dave’s strong, earnest vocals. The straightforward arrangements put the emphasis where it needs to be: on the lyrics.

The CD booklet has valuable bonus features: lyrics, music chords and ideas for each song to help kids, teachers and parents make the most of this collection. The songs were crafted primarily for 7 to 12-year-olds.

As the Josephson Institute explains, “Music can help teach many other subjects including character. It’s extremely effective for learning concepts. Music has a physical, emotional and psychological effect on both students and teachers.”

Michael Josephson says, “Dave Kinnoin’s songs inspire kids to consider the consequences of their decisions and to work hard at making this a better world. This CD is a home run!”

Dave’s previous CDs have garnered him an impressive list of prestigious awards including Parents’ Choice Gold, NAPPA (National Association of Parenting Publications Award) Gold, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum, Songwriters Guild of America Rising Star Award and an INDIE Nomination.

Dave has written hundreds of songs for the Muppets, Disney, Sesame Workshop, and dozens of other family entertainment and educational companies. Working with the Josephson Institute is his most satisfying opportunity to date.

Title: Character Counts! Strikes a Chord
Artist: Dave Kinnoin
Suggested Retail Price: $14.99
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Randy & Dave are
An Odd Couple of Songwriters Collide for a Stampede of Cheeky Songs

(South Pasadena, CA) Two guys, let’s call them Randy & Dave, started playing around with writing some silly songs for kids. “Silly” soon morphed into irreverent, over-the-top and often laugh-out-loud funny and became Calling All the Elephants, charging into the world on Song Wizard Records.

Randy’s specialty has primarily been country music while Dave has worked almost exclusively in children’s pop music. The combination of the two genres and their two vocal styles gives Calling All the Elephants a wacky, seesaw feel, moving effortlessly between a country stroll where the wry wit of the lyrics sneaks up on you and a rock ‘n’ roll sprint where an outrageous lyric slams right into you.

Randy & Dave amble into the fun with “Last Word” – deceptively simple and bouncy until you listen to the lyrics – then rush headlong into the enigma of a little girl known simply as “Puzzle.” The absurdity of “Hum” unfolds as we learn that the hapless hummer got into his predicament by mixing up a tube of toothpaste and a tube of glue. The Cubanesque “Squish it Up” is pure hip-swinging, sing-along fun. “Good Day for Spiders” introduces devoted spider couple Duke and Deb and their particular taste for assorted insects. For kids who know what it’s like to have a bad day, there is “Woke Up Cranky;” and those who have very specific rules of behavior will appreciate “Never Ever.” As for “Miriam’s Muse,” you just have to hear it to believe it.

In real life, Randy is Grammy®-winning songwriter Randy Sharp. Randy has had seven #1 country singles and has written songs for country luminaries including Reba McEntire and Marty Robbins, Dixie Chicks, Emmylou Harris, Clay Walker, Dolly Parton, as well as other music stars such as Linda Ronstadt, Edgar Winter, Blood Sweat and Tears, Art Garfunkle, Patti Page and Big Bird, and Glen Campbell. Randy has such a rich history in music that it would take many more press releases to cover it all.

Dave is Dave Kinnoin, whose previous eight children’s recordings have racked up an impressive list of over 20 awards including Parents’ Choice Gold, NAPPA, Academics’ Choice, Mom’s Choice, KIDS First and Creative Child. But Dave is not the only one who records his music. Chances are if you have enjoyed songs by Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog, Winnie the Pooh, Big Bird, Bear in the Big Blue House, Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Sebastian the Crab, and Larry the Cucumber, you know Dave Kinnoin, songwriter for some of the most beloved characters in television and movies. His last three recordings focused on good character, so Calling All the Elephants is quite a departure and moves him back to his earlier, silly-song roots.

Calling All the Elephants is available at retail nationwide.